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Loving the hotness

So, you're starting to dig this whole shiftCMS thing... Here are some more details, and some user feedback.

People who use shiftCMS really like it. They rave about how easy it is to use, and how it lets them do exactly what they need to do. We're pretty happy about that - it's nice to know that you are helping people work more effectively.


System requirements

To edit your site with shiftCMS, you must utilize Microsoft’s® Internet Explorer version 5.5 (or greater) on a PC.

Subscription costs

smashLAB developed sites are priced individually, as per the needs of each organization. shiftCMS production licenses are priced monthly or annually, on a per-user basis, customized to your organization’s subscription suite. Contact smashLAB for an estimate.

The people behind shiftCMS

smashLAB is a company that helps organizations communicate effectively. Relying on a variety of methods, from branding to web development, smashLAB assists groups in sourcing the most effective tools and using them to maximize profit and efficiency. Learn about smashLAB here.


CMS Resources

Mishtu Banerjee - Harmeny Systems

There are a lot of content management systems using tag words like: "simple", "user friendly", "flexible", but unless you are a developer or otherwise technically proficient and willing to spend a lot of time tweaking the system, that's hardly the case. What impressed me when I looked at shiftCMS is that it actually lives up to the billing. shiftCMS is easy for anyone who knows how to use their web browser. It assumes very little else, and lets you focus on the content of your website, instead of the technology. As a software developer, I appreciate how hard it is to really get to "simple", "user friendly" and "flexible". In a world of standards, shiftCMS is an automatic.

Regina Aubrey - Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing

At Crescent Spur, we operate at a hectic pace. With the many demands on our time, we don't want to waste precious time. At the same time, we do want to keep our site current and relevant. shiftCMS helps us do that. It's headache free and we wouldn't want to manage our site any other way.