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why it rules

Why it rules

You want the power to edit your site, but you'd rather not waste your time with software and code. We understand. 

shiftCMS BoxDo you wish your organization could take full advantage of the web? Are you finding site management too costly and time-consuming? Are you exhausted with training staff to update your web site, when you'd rather have them dealing with more profitable tasks?


Perhaps it is time to move to the next level.

smashLAB's shiftCMS allows organizations to take control of their web sites. Traditionally online content has been difficult to maintain in-house. But shiftCMS streamlines web management, empowering your staff to get the job done right, the first time.

Built from the ground up with usability as a key concern, shiftCMS makes web maintenance a snap. The intuitive system allows even novice computer users to easily manage site updates. Training time is nominal, and no expensive third-party software is required. shiftCMS works within your PC's web browser.

shiftCMS is an enterprise-level solution, engineered to help you make the most of the internet, and even your intranet. Sound interesting? Take a moment to read a little more, and find out why you need shiftCMS on your team.

Businesses find new ways to use the internet to their advantage every day. shiftCMS is a well-chosen ally in this emerging frontier. It's nimble and efficient, built to streamline and increase the profitability of your operation. shiftCMS fits well into smashLAB's general philosophy: usable design that works.


shiftCMS System Highlights


shiftCMS presets your custom styles, templates and formatting. This ensures adherence to your graphic standards throughout your entire site.

Good-bye Costly Training!

Forget about HTML, tutorials, and reference books - shiftCMS is really that easy. Of course, online assistance is available with your subscription to shiftCMS. (But we'd be surprised if you ever need to use it.)


Where shiftCMS truly stands alone is in its ease of use. Just log in and with one-click and modify your site. Users often remark that the system functions as easily as a word processor.

Do it anywhere, anytime

SmileWith shiftCMS, you can modify your web site anytime, anywhere. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

The Bottom Line

By minimizing internal IT efforts and software costs, shiftCMS helps you maximize ROI.

Detailed data collection

Traffic assessment tools allow insight into the habits of your site's visitors. These reports help you understand what your customers desire, and augment your site to suit these needs.


shiftCMS's unique architecture allows every page in a shiftCMS site to be completely indexed by search engines.


GlobeDoes your organization need to work with foreign clients? shiftCMS makes this easy by accommodating multi-language sites.

Diverse functions

shiftCMS allows users a variety of tools for editing the online content. Approved users can use shiftCMS to post and modify text content, tables, and graphics. Just as simply, you can allow staff to add pages, navigation, and external hyper links. Advanced users can also modify and write HTML code.

Image Editor

shiftCMS features a versatile built-in Image Editor that you will quickly find an indispensable tool.